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Bubble Theory

Artwork, graphics, icons, and photography of Spitfire (Silver Wolf)

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Hello everyone and welcome to bubbletheory! In this journal you will find my artwork, icons, graphics, website layouts, photography and other creative pursuits.

My personal journal is linked below - most entries, excluding a few quizzes and icon posts, are friends only. However, I love making new friends - either comment here or there and I will be glad to add you back :).

My personal journal: http://offside-element.livejournal.com
My DevArt account: http://silverspitfire.deviantart.com

Information about Requests/Trades

In regards to art trades/requests, my status is currently open - I tend to take a bit to finish, but I do get them done! If you're interested, send me an e-mail or comment on any post in the community.

For icon requests, feel free to comment on an entry that has icons similar to your request and I will do my best to fulfill it.


Please comment on this entry if you would like your community or journal to be affiliated with bubbletheory!


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